All workshops are private; just your group, up to a max of 5 people. We always start with an alpaca social where we visit the alpacas in the pasture and feed them treats. The whole session is about 90 minutes long. 

Needle Felting - Bella picture

“Paint” a picture with alpaca fibre and wool. This is a fun and easy introduction to needle felting. Your teacher will guide you step by step and you will be able to take Bella home with you.

This workshop is not suited for smaller children, as we work with very sharp needles. Smaller children will enjoy the wet felting workshop!

Wet Felting - Felt Balls (Dryer Balls)

We do everything to the alpaca fibre we are telling you not to do for your alpaca garment. We use hot and cold water,  we squish and kneed the fibre and finally the fibre will felt together to a ball.

The felt ball can be used in the dryer to replace dryer sheets; cats and dogs love to play with them. They are light and can be used just as balls – even in the house.

Needle / Wet Felting - Soap in a Coat

Wrap hand-made soap in alpaca fibre. First, we needle felt the coat, embellish it with an alpaca picture, wrap the soap in it and wet felt everything together.

The handmade soap lasts longer and the alpaca fibre gives you a gentle scrub when you use it. This is an awesome handmade gift.


Don't do Nothing!

Would you just like to hang out with some alpacas, visit the goats, have a picnic, play a game of garden chess and enjoy some relaxing time on the farm?

Then this is the workshop for you! The farm is “yours” for 1 and a half hours.

Our guide will introduce you to all our four-legged friends in the pastures. If you decide to watch all the animals from the backyard we will give you all the space you like.

Kids are more than welcome and they can run and play at their own pace.

Would you like to stay longer, different time – let us know. We are quite flexible and can change and adjust to your needs.


  • $80.00 per workshop
  • $15.00 per person (matrial cost)

How to book your workshop:

  • Select a date in the calendar.
    (Dates on a shaded background or with a line across are not available).
  • Please mention in the comment section, how big your group will be. You always can change this at a later date.
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Needle felting (Bella picture)
Wet felting (Dryer balls)
Needle and wet felting (Soap in a coat)
Don't do Nothing

Terms of Payment

  • The pre-payment for the workshop is required at the time of the booking.
  • The payment for the material can be made on the day of the workshop. We accept credit, debit, and cash in our gift shop.
  • You always can change how many people will participate


  • Up to 1 week before your visit, we will refund minus $10.00 for administrative costs.
  • Up to 2 days before the visit we will refund 50% of the workshop costs.


  • Up to 1 week before your visit, we will work with you to find another date for your workshop.
  • We can’t reschedule on shorter notice and the terms of the cancellation will apply.