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For your winter boots, rubber boots, slippers …. just the thing you need for Canadian winters
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100% natural fibre insoles, felted with 50% alpaca fibre and 50% sheep wool, ~ 1/3″ thick.

We manufacture our felted insoles together with the Alpaca Fibre Co-Operative of Ontario. We use coarser alpaca fibre and mix it with sheep fibre to create a durable, very soft and warm insole. They are perfect for rubber boots, work boots or any shoe where you would like to enjoy a warm cushy barrier between you and the hard cold ground.

I use these insoles in my rubber boots (sometimes bar feed), and they get me through our Canadian winters. I fit them to my size perfectly by cutting them with scissors using the boots’ old insole as a template. I love the comfy feeling!

Sizes: x-large (13″), large (12″), medium (10″), small (9″)

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