Our workshop will be held here at the farm, online or a combination of both. We are seeking to emphasize the social aspect of learning something new as a group. We hope that you will enjoy the group dynamic of sitting in a circle and knitting or needle felting together. Hopefully, we’ll have lots of laughter and encouragement. The group size will be capped at 10 participants and discussion will be encouraged!

We will always have a visit to the barn or pasture to say hello to the alpacas, virtually or in person. After all, it is their fibre, spun up into beautiful soft yarn that we are knitting with or roving we are needle felting with.

Our patterns are not meant to be used stand-alone but as a support to our teaching. We will explain in detail and we all will practice together.

Knitting Projects

Needle Felting

Beginners Project

Beginners Project

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