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These light weight duvets are filled with a batt of 80% alpaca fibre and 20% sheep wool. The outer shell is 100% cotton.

Use it year round! The natural fibre keeps you cozy warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer.

How to care for your alpaca fibre duvet:

  • To protect your alpaca fibre duvet from soil, perspiration and wear, please always use a duvet cover.
  • Occasional airing will keep your duvet fresh and clean. It will fluff up when left outside for the day. (Air your new duvet when it comes out of the storage bag as well)
  • Hand wash your alpaca duvet by only soaking it in cool water, agitate as little as possible. (Agitation and change in water temperature will felt the alpaca fibre together)
  • Use the spin cycle in your washing machine to wring out the water. (Movement in the same direction will not felt the alpaca fibre together)
  • Only air dry your duvet; do not use a dryer.
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