Fibre Studio

The Fibre Studio is not a permanent physical area yet, but it is only a question of time. I create when ever, where ever I can and offer workshops in knitting, crocheting and felting.

The following pictures show some of old favorites and some more creative knitting projects. If you would like to buy a product have a look at our Shop Page or send me an e-mail to discuss a commissioned knitting project.

Black Toque

Classic Toque

An all time Canadian favorite! This toque will keep you warm when you ski, snow mobile or walk on a cold winters night. An easy project, knit in the round.

Fashionable Hat

Lady's hat

A friend of mine created this hat from left over alpaca yarn she had. Isn’t it perfect! We all create and recreate hats, scarfs, mittens and many other knitwear. Sometimes just for the fun of it.

Thrum Mittens

Thrum Mittens

The pattern for these mittens came originally from Newfoundland. The thrums are made from unspun yarn (rovings) and knitted in while you go! The mittens are very soft and warm. Something needed back in the days in Newfoundland and now we just enjoy them on cold winter walks.

Fingerless Mittens

Finger-less mittens

This is just another exmaple of a “creative run-away” project. I wanted to practice Fairisle knitting with using Continental and Canadian knitting style at the same time. I ran the dark brown yarn on my right and the light brown on my left hand. It worked, but I do need more practice.

Alpaca Outfit

Girls outfit

This was my first project on a knitting machine. I was quite proud of the result and my daughter wore it to show her own alpaca at the Alpaca Ontario Show and won a ribbon for her whole appearance. She was only 8 years old at the time and stole the show. (I think they created that category that one time just for her to recognize her whole effort.)