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Alpaca Walks and Workshops

We enjoy welcoming guests to our farm and share our love for these beautiful animals. All visits are private and by appointment. This allows us to customize the visits to our guests ideas. We had extensive picnics where the alpacas come and visit the guests, a marriage proposal, photo shoots for Christmas cards and  hope there will many more different exciting ideas coming our way.

All visits are private and by appointment. We offer the following options but are we flexible and can do changes as needed.

Walk and Talk

We visit the alpacas in the pasture, hand feed them, get acquainted and talk about alpacas.  Then we take some of them on a leash for a walk down the country lane. The Walk and Talk takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hour.


The following activities are designed as add-ons to the Walk and Talk, must be booked separately but will be part of your visit.

Felting Workshop

We either do a wet felting or needle felting craft.

Wet Felting

Wet felting: We create “dryer balls” or “cat-toys” using warm soapy water and cold water to felt the alpaca fibre. The balls are yours to take home!

Needle Felting

We create a picture using sharp needles to felt alpaca and sheep fibre onto a small canvas. The picture is yours to take home!

Alpaca Training Session

We train our alpacas to trust us and walk on a leash long before they can join us on a walk. The training session is a great way to connect with an alpaca and get more hands-on experience.  You step into the training pen with us and work with an alpaca yourself.

Organize a Special Outing

If you are looking to organize a special event and customize your visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a small family farm, flexible and enjoy to be part of  something different and do some “Thinking outside the Box”.

Please block the day and time for your visit by booking a Walk and Talk for 2 people (minimum payment to block a session) on the online calendar and send an e-mail to or text (226) 678-2649 to add-on a workshop or to discuss more details and costs for a Special Outing.

Walking alpaca Joe in the backyard.
Training Alpacas

Pricing (2019)

Walk and Talk

  • $ 20.00+HST per person, $40.00 minimum per visit (family / group prices available)


Add-ons cannot be booked online yet. We are always able to add on a Training session. The Felting Workshops need more time and we can add them on to 4 pm and weekend sessions. Please reserve your Walk and Talk and contact us for the Add-Ons. Thanks.

  • Wet Felting or Needle Felting – $15.00+HST per person ($10.00 per person + $5.00 material)
  • Alpaca Training Session – $10.00+HST per person

Gift Certificate

If you would like to redeem a gift certificate for you booking, please enter the certificate number in the Comments/Question section and choose “pay with Gift Certificat. (Gift Certificates can be purchased in the Farm Store)

Terms of Payment and Refund

  • You always can change how many people are part of your reservation, (children under 5 are free) and we will adjust accordingly.
  • At least the minimum payment is required to reserve your session.
  • Up to 1 week before the visit you can reschedule at no cost.
  • Up to 1 week before the visit we will refund 100% minus the minimum payment per visit.
  • Up to 2 days before the visit we will refund 50% minus the minimum payment per visit.

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Hand feeding alpacas in the pasture
Needle felted picture
Wet felted dryer balls / cat toys (100% alpaca fibre)

For inquires and more information send us an e-mail – or text (226) 678-2649

Please dress for the weather and farm environment – warm jackets and boots for winter, closed toed shoes, rain jackets in the summer.