Alpacas For Sale

We do have alpacas for sale. However, in these many years we have been in business we saw many alpacas that were not kept in an alpaca friendly environment. We do have some “rescue animals” in our herd and for sure don’t want any of our alpacasĀ ending up in a situation like that.

We raise our alpacas for their fibre and not the show ring. They are “solid, down to earth” alpacas and not registered. We enjoy spending time with them, taking them for walks, but they are not pets. Alpacas are livestock and need to be cared for accordingly.

If you are interested in having your own alpacas, lets talk. I am more than happy to put a herd together for you or add an alpaca to your existing herd. I would like to know where they are going. If you would be a new owner, I can teach you and support you on your journey.